Silent Service

I recently encountered Oracle Database 12c and needed to deploy it to IBM PureApplication System (IPAS) as part of a larger solution.

One of the key value propositions of IPAS is automated deployments enabled by patterns. Obviously, in order to realize that value proposition, Oracle needed to be installed automatically to Linux running on IPAS (scripts to do that are here in GitHub repository). Continue reading Silent Service

There is GitHub

Repository called ‘misc’ that includes (or will include) miscellaneous code and stuff that I’ve used.

My intention is to add there any scripts and code and stuff that I’ve done  and found useful.

The first code in the repository is ‘sandbox’ project for Eclipse that includes Xtend translation and adaptation of OpenPGP Random Art by Aaron Toponce.

Go to GitHub now.


No mode sandbox-project. Eclipse projects are included in another repository: eclipse.

CLENotes v1.0 discovered

I dug out my old laptop to use it as demo machine in IBM BusinessConnect events all around Nordic and I found something that I thought I’d lost: the very first version of CLENotes!

CLENotes v1.0, or Lotus Notes Command Line Email Client as it was called at the time, was released at IBM alphaworks on  December 3rd, 2002. The source code itself is dated November 13th, 2002.

Continue reading CLENotes v1.0 discovered