Elite for Emacs – Docker

Elite for Emacs is now available as Docker container.

It’s now very easy to try out something from the pages of history.

  • Pull Docker image: docker pull kazhar/elite-for-emacs
  • Run container: docker run -d -p 6901:6901 kazhar/elite-for-emacs
  • Access container, and Elite for Emacs, using your browser: http://localhost:6901/?password=vncpassword
    (Assumes container runs on localhost. If not, change localhost to correct address.)
Note that if you save commander, it is saved in the container. If you stop the container, all saves are lost. Container is stopped if you exit Emacs using C-x C-c.

ttmsg – New iOS App

ttmsg is social networking with no registration, no authentication and no saving of messages. Anonymous too. Available at App Store.

ttmsg is based on publish-subscribe protocol, MQTT. It works by sending messages to a topic. If someone or something wants to receive messages, they need to subscribe to the same topic.

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Liberty, Bluemix and UrbanCode Deploy

It is not atypical use case to deploy Liberty-applications to IBM Bluemix. While you can do it in many ways, one of the better ways is to use UrbanCode Deploy to automate deployments to Bluemix.

This lab, Deploy Liberty application to Bluemix, describes how to do it. The lab is also a good introduction to UrbanCode Deploy as it starts by installing UCD and lab introduces the main concepts of UCD while going trough the use case of deploying Liberty-application to Bluemix.

So head to the UrbanCode Developer Center and check the lab. And all the other stuff.