I use WordPress as my blogging platform (it’s obvious). I also use WordPress default theme. And minimal set of extension, only two extensions installed currently. Google Analytics and Send email.

I have a reason why I chose WordPress and why I want to use default functionality as much as possible. That reason is maintainability. WordPress is updated from admin-interface in seconds. And if I use default functionality, problems that might happen during upgrades is minimized. And last but not least, I don’t want to spend time to find good extensions and I want to focus on content and other activities (like writing new science fiction stories from the Strangers’ Universe).

So far, I’ve been happy with WordPress 🙂

Blogging Reborn

Anyone who blogs or thinks about blogging should read Technical Blogging: Turn Your Expertise into a Remarkable Online Presence (by Antonio Cangiano). It has lots of good advice about how to blog.

Because I have read that book, I am writing this post. I started also to think and plan what I want to say in my blog. That is work in progress and because time is limited resource, it may take some time before I have crystal clear vision about my blog.

I’m thinking of having several categories and bringing my Strangers Universe blog to here. For content, I’m thinking about blogging about professional matters in addition my scifi writing.