The Kaitian War published

My new scifi novel is now available at Smashwords. The novel tells a story of the Kaitian War, from the beginning  to the end.

For a thousand years, Commander William Johnson has guided the humans toward joining the Coalition, an alliance of advanced civilizations in the galaxy. Soon after they finally do, the Kaitians- the servant species of the long-extinct Hwzeenn- launch an all-out assault against other species in the galaxy with only one goal: extermination.

It’s either them or us. And I’d rather it’d be them, even it means a seat in hell for us.

Commander William Johnson

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This is the end

Long ago, I started socialmedia ebook marketing experiment and now it is done. Finished. The end.

For over two years I posted paragraphs from my scifi novelette End of an Era (available in Stories from the Strangers’ Universe) and now the full story is available and you can read it from the beginning to the end, right here in this blog.
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#SciFi 2/221

The Strangers’ Universe. One universe parallel to our own. One timeline from the beginning to the end. Many stories under one epic overarching story set across universe and time. The stories from the Strangers’ Universe told so far are: Truths, Half-Truths and Lies; End of an Era; Dawn to Dawn and Just Another Scout.

Each story is linked to other stories by one or more of the following: character, event, location or time. For example: Alex from Just Another Scout makes a brief appearance in Dawn to Dawn, and the brunette girl from Dawn to Dawn is one of the main characters in Truths, Half-Truths and Lies.

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#SciFi 3/221

The events of End of an Era happen 200,000 years before the Revelation. Dawn to Dawn happens on May 27th, 2927, the day of the Revelation. Just Another Scout is set five years after the Revelation. Truths, Half-Truths and Lies happens between years 1947 and 2932, five years after the Revelation, so Chapter 5.8: Truths, Half-Truths and Lies happens at the same time as Dawn to Dawn, Chapter 6.0: The Next Dawn is a direct continuation of Dawn to Dawn, and Chapter 6.2: Our Raison D’etre comes immediately after the epilogue of Just Another Scout.

Chapter 1 – Their time is at end

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