CLENotes Dev Update #4

I’ve translated all the Jython-code in v4.2.2 to Xtend and the new, version 5.0.0, of the Command Line Email Client for IBM Notes is nearly finished.

The translation work was mostly straight-forward and even surprisingly easy. In my case, I concluded that the easiness came mostly from three main points:

  • Similarity of syntax  between Jython and Xtend (no semicolons).
  • Both Jython and Xtend are Java-based.
  • Eclipse IDE, with all the syntax highlighting, quick fixes and so on.

The only thing that caused minor twitching in the head was the way Jython uses indentations, instead of curly brackets, to separate program blocks (functions, if-clauses, etc.).  But aside from that, I had a nice twitching-free experience and I’m happy to say that I was correct to choose Xtend. I have no reason not to use Xtend in future projects :-).

The next step is to polish the v5.0.0 package, release it to and then think about the future (projects).

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