CLENotes v5.0.1 released

New version of CLENotes is now released. Version 5.0.1 includes enhancements and bug fixes.

Here are the changes in 5.0.1:

- Added support for detaching attachments in native MIME mails.
    -Note: inline-attachments not supported.
- No longer prints sent mails when using list-command.
- Added "a" to --output-format-option. "a" lists attachments.
- Improvements when using read-command or --read option:
    - Improved support for reading MIME/RichText mails.
    - By default removes all tags when reading HTML mails. 
    - Added --no-striphtmltags option to disable HTML tag removal.
    - Added --all-mime-texts option that prints all text MIME parts. 
      By default, only the first text MIME part is printed,
      usually text/plain.
- Added --formula-file option to search-command. Reads Notes formula
  from the given file.
- Minor bug fixes.

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