CLENotes v5.1 released

New version of Command Line Email Client for IBM Notes has been released.

Version 5.1 has following changes and fixes:

  • Updated development environment to Eclipse 4.4 and Java 1.7.
  • Updated Xtend libraries to v2.7.3.
  • Added value to –dxl option. Option value is file name where DXL is written.
  • Moved –dxl option from read-command to global option. –dxl exports Domino XML and it can now be used with read, today, list and search commands.
  • Added argument to –help option. Argument is command name or “!” that lists global options and only command names.
  • Added –dxli option to import DXL file as mail database. All commands will then use the new database.
  • Added shell-command. Taken almost directly from CLENotes v1.0 (from 2002) but does not include all the commands.
  • Code refactoring.

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