Command Line Email Client for IBM Notes v5.0.0 released

CLENotes v5.0.0 is a major update to wildly popular 🙂 command line emailer for IBM Notes. It’s open source and based on Xtend-language.

The new CLENotes includes couple of new features and some bug fixes. One of the new features is semi-automatic installation of IBM Notes Java-classes so no more manually extractig files to CLENotes directory.

Here are the major changes:

  • New codebase based on Xtend (
  • Changed name to Command Line Email Client for IBM Notes.
  • Semi-automatic installation of Notes Java classes to CLENotes directory.
  • Replicate-command now has –replica-id option in order to  open local database (note: replicate-command only replicates from local  database to server database).
  • Default function of Replicate-command is to replicate local mail database.
  • Added –local option to choose local mail database. By default, all commands operate on remote mail database.
  • Added –desc option to appointments-command to show appointment description.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Known bug/missing feature:
    • Attachments in native MIME mails can not be detached

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