Concept of Quality

@KemiraGroup answered my tweet about top tweeters. Quality is an interesting topic, Wikipedia has many entries about it but let’s take a philosophical view.

Wikipedia says:

Philosophy and common sense tend to see qualities as related either to subjective feelings or to objective facts. The qualities of something depends on the criteria being applied to and, from a neutral point of view, do not determine its value (the philosophical value as well as economic value). Subjectively, something might be good because it is useful, because it is beautiful, or simply because it exists. Determining or finding qualities therefore involves understanding what is useful, what is beautiful and what exists. Commonly, quality can mean degree of excellence, as in, “a quality product” or “work of average quality”. It can also refer to a property of something such as “the addictive quality of nicotine”.

Quality is, like beauty, held in the eye of the beholder, the subject. Quality is a subjective phenomenon that is the emergent emotion resulting from the combination of perception and expectation. The feeling of high quality occurs when perception exceeds expectation; the feeling of low quality occurs when perception does not meet expectation. When perception and expectation match the sensation is satisfaction which represents neutral quality.

So what is a quality of a tweet? Very interesting question. One answer is that, in order to be high quality, a tweet perception (that is, content) must exceed expectation (of content).

I keep Kemira’s wish to be graded in quality in mind and try to find some way to measure quality of a tweet.  A few measurements come to mind:

  • number of
    • words
    • characters
    • hashtags
    • retweets
  • links to original content
  • And others that may or may not measure (subjective) quality accurately 🙂



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