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@Fortum_Oyj, @Nokia and @KemiraGroup are the three most active tweeters between 19.12.2011 and 28.12.2011. Other tweeters include @UPM_News, @Metsogroup and @Konecranes. Actually only one company, @Nordea, in my OMXH25 list didn’t tweet at all between the aforementioned dates.

Fortum had the most tweets for obvious reason. The big storm (article) on Dec 26th caused havoc in the electrical grid in southern Finland and Fortum has been busy repairing the grid. Fortum uses Twitter to publish most recent updates. At the time of writing, Fortum has 797 followers. The number of Fortum customers without electricity has been two hundred times more. For example, on the afternoon of 26th 140,000 customers were without electricity.

Nokia was the second active tweeter. Nokia’s tweets, unfortunately, have limited value for me. Nokia’s tweets are apparently targeted to consumers and perhaps even to different age group and I feel that I’m not part of their target group 🙂

Kemira Group is the third active tweeter. Because of their tweets, I now know about interesting Forbes article about sustainability and I know that they introduced KemEcal brand to harmonize product names in water-intensive industries. IBM, by the way, has master data management software, InfoSphere Master Data Management, that can be used for products as well as customers, locations, etc.

Most of the other companies had also interesting tweets. Just to mention KONE and UPM.

(edit: changed date from 28.11.2011 to 28.12.2011)

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