Cover girl

The artist behind the cover of Truths, Half-Truths and Lies is Kat Zantow.

It is worth mentioning how I found Kat.. also a story of how Twitter actually useful.

I was followed by a fellow author, don’t remember who, and I was suggested by Twitter to follow Kat. Well, I checked her account and noticed that she is fantasy writer/artist. Then I checked her blog and her art and decided to ask if she’s available to work with my cover. Fortunately, she was and it was good experience to work with her.

I sent her vague “sketch” of my idea and she magically turned my “sketch” into a real art. I say magically, because I have zero drawing/painting talent, and it all seems magic to me 🙂 I especially liked how she had her own ideas about the cover, such as the hair of the cover girl. Excellent!

And by the way…. cover is not just a fiction. It is a scene from Chapter 4.8 – Advisor Milton.

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