Creating a game for Apple iOS

Mobile gaming is very trendy nowadays and since games have been part of my life since 1980’s, I think now is the time to make one game of my own. I happen to have an iOS device, so I’m going to create a game for iOS.

My goal is simple, one iOS game to be published at Apple App Store. Perhaps easier said than done since it’s not enough to just make the game playable but it will have to be good enough to be published at App Store and Apple will verify that before allowing distribution to App Store and to iOS users.

Here are some thoughts, guidelines and constraints that I have about the game, in no particular order:

  • The game idea is simple but interesting.
  • The game easy to start, easy to finish, can be played five seconds at a time or hours at a time.
  • Target audience is adults. Very likely adult men since I am one of them 🙂
  • I am not an artist, so I have a big constraint on visual appearance (no way to compete with anyone who is even slightly artistic). I hope that simple and good-enough graphics are sufficient.
  • Make use of iOS frameworks, Xcode functionality and minimize coding whenever possible in order to speed the development.
  • Works on multiple devices, iPhone and iPad. And try to make it for future devices as well, especially if and when Apple releases new devices with different screen sizes.
  • Sound effects or music is not necessary, but might be optional. I never listen to game music or sound effects while playing a mobile game.
  • Use Game Center for high-scores and achievements.
  • Game is  free and there will be no ads (I finds ads annoying).
  • There will be In-App purchases to purchase some extra features or content, but purchases are not required to play the game.
  • Don’t try to achieve all at once. Game must be playable and must have features to make it worthwhile to play but there’s always possiblity to do updates and perhaps even a sequel.

With those in mind, all I have to have is an idea for the game…

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