and @KemiraGroup, @Metsogroup are five companies with most tweets between 29.12.2011 and 08.01.2012. Number of tweets by company below:

Fortum_Oyj      377
Nokia           45
UPM_News        16
KemiraGroup     14
Metsogroup      7
Kesko_Oyj       6
Konecranes      6
OP_Pohjola      5
Sanoma          5
Outotec         3
KONECorporation 1
Ruukki          1
Wartsilacorp    1
Cargotec        0
Nordea          0
Outokumpu       0
Storaenso       0

Overall, most of the company tweets were interesting. For those who follow, Twitter serves as good channel to receive information. From the top five tweeters above, I found that Kemira and UPM had the most interesting tweets.

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