IBM Traffic Operations Center

Traffic jams. Who needs them? No one. But they do happen sometimes, and for various reasons. I made a demonstration of one fictional traffic jam and how IBM Intelligent Operations Center could help to solve it.

The demonstration scenario is an incident during a rush hour leading to traffic congestion and to the need to evaluate the incident and handle it appropriately. Demonstration focuses on activities of one Operator in the Traffic Operations Center.

Here’s what happens during the scenario:

  • Normal traffic
  • Operator notices traffic queues and congestion.
  • Congestion automatically starts Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to investigate the cause of congestion.
  • Problem in the demo is a broken pipe.
  • Operator coordinates with other parties (Police and Water Utility) to fix the pipe and to clear the traffic congestion.
  • After the pipe is fixed, traffic gets back to normal.

The following video shows the demo scenario from an Operators point of view. Call-outs on the video explain what is happening.

Thinking of the demonstration and what might be the case in real life, IOC brings some benefits to daily operational life:

  • Operator in the Traffic Operations Center used IBM Intelligent Operations Center to resolve incident of broken pipe comfortably.
  • By having IOC integrated to other parties (Police, Water Utility) incident was managed in cooperation and Operator was overseeing the entire incident without difficulties.
  • Standard Operating Procedures in IOC are defined and decided together with all parties involved and so everyone knew what they were supposed to do.

The implementation of the demo makes use of functions and features of IBM Intelligent Operations Center including Standard Operating Procedures, map integration, data sources and most of all the extensibility of the solution and the REST APIs.

To get started with programming and extending IOC, here’s a good post about IOC API: 5 Things to Know About IBM Intelligent Operations Center Services API.

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