iOS Game Dev Update #3

I have an idea. I think its interesting and simple. I’m interested in space (the final frontier), it is only natural that I’m also interested in gravity, that is going to be the main force and basis of my game.  Sprite Kit supports physics and gravity so it should be quite easy to implement it.

After giving some thought, I’m using a ball as the player, and then there’s a star that acts as gravity well. Goal, where the ball must go,  is a worm hole.

The idea of the game is that positions of player, goal and gravity well are randomly places on the screen. The player presses the ball and drags to give the ball initial speed and direction toward the goal. The gravity well is an obstacle and uses the force of gravity to pull the ball toward it. The player needs to guide the ball using thrusters to the goal. Or the player has to set the initial speed and direction so that the ball goes directly to the goal (perhaps taking advantage of the gravity, like using slingshots).

The development started with basics, the main menu, button and transition to the game screen. In the game screen, I added the gravity well first and then the player.

Developing the game mechanics appears to be surprisingly easy, thanks to Sprite Kit. But I’m sure there will be hiccups along the way.

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