iOS Game Dev Update #4

I have a name for you…. Gravity One. That’s the name of my game.

Just as I suspected, Sprite Kit makes game development a breeze by implementing basic stuff like physics engine, collision detection  and so on. That leaves me to concentrate on the game mechanics and logic.

Ray Wenderlich and his tutorials have been a great help again. I struggled with collision detection but one tutorial came to rescue: How To Make a Game Like Space Invaders with Sprite Kit Tutorial: Part 2. It has a good explanation how collision detection works and hooray! My collision detection works as it should. And the game mechanics are already more and less done.

Beside game mechanics there are other things to consider as well. Like the user interface in general. But even more so are the stuff that users never see: utility classes, design patterns like singletons and factories and so on. Most of the invisible stuff is about the ease of development and future maintenance. And of course, making sure that the code is as bugless as possible.

So far, I’ve introduced and fixed many bugs but one of the good things about mobile development is that the runtime environment is constrained. It is as constrained as I make it, meaning that if there’s only one button in the user interface there’s really not much possibilities that pressing the button would lead to undesired consequences.

Developing for iOS means also that OS will be the same in all supported hardware out there and, for me, even the hardware is pretty much irrelevant since my game isn’t going to break records of how many polygons are visible in screen or anything like that.

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