iOS Game Dev Update #6

After I finished with the game mechanics, I turned to Apple’s Game Center. Functionality of the Game Center is just for games like Gravity One.

Gravity One is a casual game and there’s no epic story nor end-bosses to kill and conquer. Leaderboards and achievements of Game Center are an easy way to add a meaning, or a purpose, or something to strive for,  to the game. Be the first in leaderboards and achieve any and all achievements.

Apple has done a good job to make Game Center easy for developers and after a great tutorial, it’s very straight-forward to add Game Center functionality.

Adding Game Center support to a game requires more than just programming. That’s especially true for achievements since they require an icon to be shown after player has achieved the achievement.

I mentioned before that I’m no artist but for this I don’t need to be. I decided to use GIMP and its Alpha to Logo filters to make simple but effective achievement icons.

I added five different leaderboards and no less than fifty achievements for players.

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