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Konecranes tweeted about preventive #maintenance customer reference. The reference story says that Konecranes’ customer reduced planned repair costs by 64% and the solution Konecranes offers is a standardized monthly crane inspection/preventive maintenance program.

How does IBM relate to preventive maintenance? IBM offers software for it: IBM SPSS for predictive analytics, and it can be applied to predictive maintenance as well as other areas for industrial customers.

Konecranes’ reference story mentions that their inspectors identify safety/productivity issues. Perhaps the next step would be to automate inspections, or at least reduce manual inspections, by providing a solution that uses sensors to detect usage, anomalies in operation, crane productivity issues etc etc and then use SPSS to analyze the sensor data and act accordingly by, for example, notifying inspector to take close look on identified issues or generating a repair plan to eliminate issues.

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