New iOS game in the works

I’m developing a new iOS game that’s inspired by Sid Meiers’ Railroads! with resources and industries. The main idea is to earn a lot of credits (dollars, euros, etc.).

The game is called Tycoon One and here are some things about the development.

  • The game is minimalistic and simplistic with an idea to play a quick game once in a while.
  • Developed with Swift, my first experience with that language.
  • No Game Center, but this may change in the future.
  • No In-App purchases, but this may change in the future.
  • No sounds nor music, but this too may change in the future.
  • Credits are shown in one of the locales that is supported by iOS. This means that, at times, numbers are shown in Arabic or other exotic locale.
  • There is a console (or shell or command prompt) used to, for example, list high  scores.
  • There will be ads (even though I find them annoying). I’ll show a video add when starting new game, but ad is not shown everytime starting a new game only approx 33% of the time. This is least annoying form of advertisement I’ve encountered and so it’s obvious to include it.
  • There is Twitter integration. When game ends,  credits earned is tweeted. Hashtag #tycoonone is included.

I plan to release Tycoon One “soon”.

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