New Tweeting Statistics

I’m going to retire Top Tweeters OMXH25 and DJIA statistics and introduce new “Tweeting companies” statistics. New statistics combine DJIA and OMX companies and adds some new companies to the stats. Statistics will be posted on Mondays, starting September 9th, and they will cover the previous week.

Below are short descriptions of the statistics. The statistics shown are for the week 36 (26.8 – 1.9.2013).

First is a simple list of the most active tweeters last week. ‘Active’ here is based on change % of how many tweets company did last week compared to the week before.
@op_pohjola, @nesteoilgroup, @upm_news, @boeing, @homedepot, @pepsico, @pfizer_news, @ibm, @bofa_news and @cargotec have been active last week and tweeted more tweets than the week before.

Lines in the chart below shows the number of tweets last week and the week before. On the left are the tweeters that did most tweets last week, so the lines are always going down from the left. The columns show what was the change in tweets from two weeks ago compared to last week. Only those tweeters that had more than zero tweets last week and the week before are shown here.

With a quick glance, we’ll see if there’s been any extraordinary activity. As an example, Walmart tweeted quite a lot last week but made almost 5% less tweets than the week before. Another example is OP_Pohjola, they had more tweets last week than the previous week, so there was an activity burst, and it might be interesting to go and look at their tweets.

Weekly tweets 26.8 – 1.9.2013

Tweet piecharts show how tweets were distributed during the week.

Tweeters who tweeted less than 50, but more than zero, tweets last week.

Tweeters who tweeted more than 50, but less than 100 tweets last week.

All the tweeters who tweeted more than 100 tweets last week.

This piechart shows all tweets by the tweeters.

Top tweeters top to bottom.

Daily tweets by the tweeter. If we hover on top of the tweeter, we’ll see how many tweets they did in each day.

Table of tweeting statistics by tweeter, clicking on the column headers will sort the table.

Note: tweet counts may not include all tweets done by the tweeter. Only the best effort is done to retrieve tweets and to calculate and visualize statistics. New accounts may added at any time and existing accounts may be removed at any time.

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