Real Applications in Hybrid Cloud

IBM PureApplication Hybrid Cloud Platform helps you evolve your business by increasing flexibility, agility and ease of integration while significantly reducing time to market.

That’s a quote from PureApp product page.

But what it means?

It means definitely a lot but I what mean here and now is agility and reduced time to market in the form of patterns and how patterns are used to deploy real applications to cloud, both on-premise and off-premise.

What is a pattern? It’s nothing more or less than a pre-defined architecture of an application. And that is any application, for example i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform.

i2 has an architecture and here is the standard deployment as it is described in i2 Deployment Guide:

i2_std_deploymentThat looks like a typical architecture of an application. i2 Deployment Guide tells everything you need to know about deploying it. Assuming you have the machines, physical or virtual, ready and available, the deployment has only couple of dozen steps, some automatic and some manual,  that will take time and effort. Even if you’d do it once and copied the virtual machines, you’d still need to go and configure the VMs to new environment.

But do you really, and I mean really, want to do all those steps? Especially if you have to do the same steps twice, or three times or even more. And then there’s another customer and everything starts from scratch.

I can only speak for myself and I’d much rather make a pattern from the application and let PureApp do the deployment, either to off-premise or on-premise, so I can focus to do something else, preferably something that has value for customer 🙂

Here’s how to create and deploy the i2 pattern:

And after deploying the pattern once and I can do it again. And again. And again for another customer. And it’s always the same. Just like showing the video.

And believe it or not…. it’s just great!

But… (there’s always a but..). Before I could create the pattern, I developed script packages that install and deploy i2 application. Existing i2 deployment scripts were great help, I used many of them as they were but I also had to customize some scripts to be used in pattern-based deployment.

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