#SciFi 19/221

“Their fleet was enormous, much larger than the Hwzeenn fleet now. They made just a single pass over us and destroyed everything without any effort. We saw how their fleet divided into thousands of small groups of cruisers and each left the system,” he continued his tale. “For some reason, I knew what they were going to do, and it was no surprise when we started to hear cries for help from our worlds. One by one, each cry ended, and in less than a home-world cycle, we were gone. No more. Except a few of us in the battlefield and some individual vessels that managed to hide when the destruction began,” he said.

Her Awakening included memories of what happened next. The few survivors decided to hide, and, in the course of time, they began to work with other species and travel to other galaxies. Only to find the Strangers had also been traveling.


Part 19/221 of End of an Era, my science fiction novelette, set in the Strangers’ Universe.

Stories from the Strangers’ Universe are:

  • End of an Era, Long ago, the Hwzeenn Empire, the oldest civilization in the Milky Way, is going into battle against an enemy known as the Strangers. They expect an easy victory, but the Hwzeenn do not know the enemy. And those who do know better have decided not to warn the Hwzeenn; a decision that will have grave consequences for the Hwzeenn Empire.
  • Truths, Half-Truths and Lies, In early 1947, a long-awaited message finally comes and the meeting between Commander Johnson and aliens, the Greys, is scheduled in Roswell, New Mexico. The meeting, and the deal made there, are the first steps on a journey that takes the Commander through the great conspiracy, over a thousand years to unified Earth, to distant worlds and through the first portents of a great war.
  • Dawn to Dawn, ‘Good morning! Today is Tuesday, May 27th, 2927.’ Nick, a mineworker in the mining station KCap16 in the Kuiper Belt, has another day ahead of him. He’s going to work on the asteroid field during the day and then spend his evening in the pub – like he does every day. He couldn’t know it, but his life would change forever before the next dawn.
  • Just Another Scout, It is five years after the Revelation. A lone scout ship with a crew of five is on a routine mission to explore habitable planets for colonization. The routine is about to end when the ship enters a seemingly normal system and discovers an unidentified radio signal from one of the planets.

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