Silent Service – i2 IAP

IBM PureApplication automates software deployment using patterns and here I show how I automated deployment of i2 Intelligence Analysis Platform.

I wrote about i2 and pattern some time ago: Real Applications in Hybrid Cloud. Then there was PureApplication v1.1 and i2 v3.0.5. Now we have PureApp v2.1 and i2 v3.0.11.

New version of i2 has simplified architecture (directly from deployment guide):


Simplified architecture means simplified and faster deployment and with PureApplication deployment happens in about 15 minutes.


I developed the pattern that deploys i2 IAP example deployment as described in the Deployment guide. The pattern is simple, as can be seen in the picture below.


Red Hat Linux is already included in PureApplication System and PureApplication Service (that’s cloud offering powered by SoftLayer), Database Server component is DB2 that comes with DB2 pattern and IBM HTTP Server comes with WebSphere Application Server pattern. Using existing components takes care of the i2 prereqs and allows me to focus on the actual i2 deployment.

Fortunately, Deployment Guide is quite good (and I already had experience in deploying i2) so I developed the i2 deployment script in no time.

The script could easily, after some modifications, be used without PureApplication, but I haven’t tested it and it requires prereqs to be installed and IAP binaries available in HTTP file server.

I added this i2 pattern and script to my PureApp GitHub repository.

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