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Everyone (?) does marketing and I decided to do it too. I call my marketing approach an “experiment”, because that’s what it is. It’s probably not unique in any way, but for me it is a new experiment.

My goal for the marketing experiment is, unsurprisingly, to raise awareness, and to raise number of potential readers, for my science fiction stories (latest novel is Truths, Half-Truths and Lies). 

Requirements of the experiment:

  • Use social media for marketing: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Use my blog.
  • Try to find a new angle for marketing ebooks.
  • Do a long-running marketing without too much effort and zero (extra) cost.

Given the requirements above, what should I actually do? I had various thoughts such as  sending random quotes to Twitter, having an advertisement in Facebook or publishing excerpts in my blog. But those didn’t have a new angle at all or they would have required too much effort or otherwise didn’t fulfill requirements.

After some thinking, I decided that my marketing experiment would:

  • Automatically post the entire novelette (End of an Era in this case) to my blog.
  • Post entries every second odd-day of the month at specified time of day.
  • Post the novelette from the end to the beginning. Two paragraphs/lines at a time.

So… that fulfills all my requirements:

  • It’s long-running and it’s automatic. So not too much effort.
  • It’s a new angle for marketing an ebook. I post the entire story, not just quotes, from the end to the beginning.
  • I use my blog.
  • And since I distribute my blog entries to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, I cover the social media aspect quite well.

Ok. As I know what to do, then the question is how to actually do it? Answer to that: #Python, #Linux, automate, #WordPress.

PS. The marketing experiment starts January 17th, 2012.

(edit 6.5.2012: entries are posted every second odd-day)

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