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GitHub is, as many probably know, home of many open source projects (apparently tens of millions of them) and very, very tiny portion of them projects are somewhat close to me.

This word cloud, and the other one, is generated from my GitHub project names and descriptions.


Word clouds makes it apparent that I’ve used Python a lot. Here are the current projects along with short descriptions:


Command line password manager, keeps all your password safe and has the greatest UI of them all (that is of course the text-based command line UI). Made with Python, cross-platform and can be used across many computers when saving account file to Dropbox or similar.


Maze classes for Python. Translated from Ruby sources in the book “Mazes for Programmers” by Jamis Buck (by far the greatest book about mazes ever written).

These maze classes can be reused in other projects, like the next one.


A game of maze. Inspired by the aforementioned book and the idea of this game is to find a path through the maze to a location marked by ‘X’.


This PipApp-application creates directories and files for Pip-distributable Python application. Inspired by this blog post about Python application distribution.


Interpretation of the game Elite using Emacs. This one was inspired by  Ian Bell’s Text Elite, C implementation of Elite trading system.

I saw some tweets about this project, for example:

I can relate to both 🙂


Command line arguments for bash scripts (without getopts).


Scripts and stuff related to IBM PureApplication.


This one is not on my GitHub page but on OpenNTF. This project is Command Line Email Client for IBM Notes. Useful to script sending/receiving Notes based emails. I also use it to quickly check new email if, and when, full Notes client is not running.

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