@StoraEnso and @UPM_News

Stora Enso tweeted that they are increasing competitiveness through new Business Area structure.

Their new Business Areas are:

  • Biomaterials
  • Printing and Reading
  • Renewable Packaging
  • Building and Living

Stora Enso apparently follows similar footsteps as UPM. UPM has similar structure but they have three Business Groups:

  • Energy and pulp
  • Paper
  • Engineered materials

Very similar structures and very similar what they say too:

  • UPM says “UPM aims to renew its business portfolio, shifting its focus to markets and businesses with sustained growth and value creation.”
  • Stora Enso says “We are organising our businesses based on the different markets and customers they serve. The aim is to increase our organisation’s competitiveness, flexibility, speed and accountability.”

If you know one company, you know them both.

Or maybe not 🙂


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