#SciFi 8/221

“And that has annoyed the Hwzeenn,” she commented.

“Exactly,” the male said. “The Hwzeenn think that they have tolerated them all this time, but it is vice versa. The Strangers have tolerated the Hwzeenn. The Strangers have not been bothered, even by a civilization as large as the Hwzeenn Empire,” he continued. “Well, they weren’t bothered until provocation, and now the Hwzeenn is provoking them. They will learn their mistake soon enough.”

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#SciFi 9/221

“Did you warn them?” she asked.

“No. Their time is at end,” he said. “There are many species in the galaxy, some of which have been suppressed by the Hwzeenn, and they are ready to thrive after the Hwzeenn are gone. I believe that some of the species have actually a fighting chance against the Strangers. As a matter of fact, I will leave before the battle starts to look at one potential system and the inhabitants there. Their evolution may have been influenced.” He turned to look at his daughter.

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#SciFi 14/221

“That’s true, and we made the same mistake as the Hwzeenn are doing now. We really thought we could win,” he said and continued, “But it didn’t take long before we realized our mistake.”

“You cannot imagine the feeling when we understood that we were looking at our extinction when the enemy came upon us. We thought we knew the enemy, but that was only wishful thinking,” he said with a sad voice.

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