Parsing text – Finnish text – Any text

“Vierailin ystävän luona.” That is a sentence and it is Finnish. How do I parse that text? In order to get some meaning out of it?

The context of the question is text analytics. So that we could analyze the text, we need to extract some meaning of the words. For example, are there verbs in it and which words are verbs? What kind of sentences are in the text? Are there there a lot of words like “fail, fails, failed”? etc. etc

For machines/software, the sentence “Vierailin ystävän luona.” doesn’t really offer much. That’s why we want to parse it.

As it happens, there is something called Universal Dependencies. And part of Universal Dependencies is a format called CoNLL-U.

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Liberty, Bluemix and UrbanCode Deploy

It is not atypical use case to deploy Liberty-applications to IBM Bluemix. While you can do it in many ways, one of the better ways is to use UrbanCode Deploy to automate deployments to Bluemix.

This lab, Deploy Liberty application to Bluemix, describes how to do it. The lab is also a good introduction to UrbanCode Deploy as it starts by installing UCD and lab introduces the main concepts of UCD while going trough the use case of deploying Liberty-application to Bluemix.

So head to the UrbanCode Developer Center and check the lab. And all the other stuff.

Silent Service

I recently encountered Oracle Database 12c and needed to deploy it to IBM PureApplication System (IPAS) as part of a larger solution.

One of the key value propositions of IPAS is automated deployments enabled by patterns. Obviously, in order to realize that value proposition, Oracle needed to be installed automatically to Linux running on IPAS (scripts to do that are here in GitHub repository). Continue reading “Silent Service”