IBM Intelligent Operations Center REST Client

I made a simple command line REST client while making the IBM Traffic Operations Center demo. Although the REST client was done for specific IOC demo, I think it can be used in any IOC demo that uses REST or it can be used to just poke around the IOC REST API.
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IBM Intelligent Operations Center and Vuosaari Harbour

In this post I show how IOC could be used in day-to-day operation of Vuosaari Harbour. The scenario is fictional, but Vuosaari Harbour is quite real, part of The Port of Helsinki, a public utility of the City of Helsinki. And, of course, the scenario is not limited to a harbour, any organization could use IOC in day-to-day operation in their own context.


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IBM Intelligent Operations Center and Police

In this scenario I use IOC to view official announcements by Finnish Police. In previous post about IOC I mentioned that any image can be used as a location map and in the screenshot below I use an image of Finland’s main police stations as a location map to show police announcements.


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IBM Intelligent Operations Center and Open Data

IBM Intelligent Operation Center (or IOC) “is a software solution that is designed to facilitate effective supervision and coordination of operations“. IOC InfoCenter says so, and both product page and announcement letter has more information about it.

Below is a screenshot of my IOC installation after I log in. A map fills the main content area and on the left are data filters, where I can select what data to show on the map. On the upper right there are Notifications, My Activities and other actions relevant to current user. The idea is that IOC user can see all the events what are happening and, if necessary, act on them directly from the IOC user interface.

IOC map view

The map shows area in the center of Helsinki, around the Esplanade Park.

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Gauging with IBM Business Monitor

IBM Business Monitor is part of IBM Business Process Management, (@IBM_BPM) and it is a solution for business activity monitoring. IBM Business Monitor can, in practice, monitor all kinds of systems (processes, operations, applications and so on) and calculate related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) about the systems. The basis for calculating KPIs are events and one of the ways to send events to IBM Business Monitor is to use a REST-API.

The IBM Business Monitor web site has general information about it and Business Monitor InfoCenter has more detailed documentation. The IBM developerWorks article Some tips for IBM Business Monitor Modeling and Versioning is also a good read about it.

In this post I show a dashboard for monitoring a simple order process and provide sample code for sending events to Business Monitor and also the monitor model that receives the events. The code and the model can be tested using IBM Business Monitor development environment, Rational Application Developer with IBM Business Monitor Toolkit.

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@Konecranes and @SmarterPlanet

I was reading Konecranes’ Annual Report 2011 and their CEO said that they launched a new corporate vision:

We know in real time how millions of lifting devices
and machine tools perform. We use this knowledge around
the clock to make our customers’ operations safer and more

We, IBM, have Smarter Planet. We’ve had it for some time now, since 2008. The main theme for Smarter Planet is pretty much concentrated below:

At IBM, we want that intelligence to be infused into the systems and processes that make the world work—into things no one would recognize as computers: cars, appliances, roadways, power grids, clothes, even natural systems such as agriculture and waterways.

The message of Smarter Planet (instrumented, interconnected, intelligent) is reflected in Konecranes’ vision (millions of devices, know in real time, use this knowledge).

It is interesting that IBM started to talk about Smarter Planet (instrumented, interconnected, intelligent) over three years ago and now, as Konecranes’ vision indicates, the same Smarter Planet theme is reflected in real-life as a real agenda for corporations.