The Kaitian War is over!

And we will have peace in our galaxy once more…

The story of the The Kaitian War is finished and the next step is to edit it. As before, I’ll do self-editing first and then, before I can publish it,  I hire a professional editor to work with the final edits.

In addition to editing, there’s also the matter of cover and for that too I’ll need to hire a professional to work with me. Like in my previous novel Truths, Half-Truths and Lies, the cover will be a scene from the story and as soon as I’ve decided what scene I’d like for the cover, I’ll start working with it.

The story is a full-length novel, currently over 80,000 words. Here’s a short (and unedited) quote from the beginning of the story:

“You weren’t at the funeral?”, asked Milton a little surprised. He’d assumed that William had attended the funeral.
“I had to check everything.”, answered William, “But I didn’t find anything that could explain this.”
“You don’t really think she died, do you?”, asked Milton.
“Not for a second.”, said William, “Come on.”

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