The next version of CLENotes

The time has come to think about the next version of Command Line Email Client for Lotus Notes. As I suspected in the history of CLENotes the next version (v5) will have a new codebase and so it will be. I recently found Xtend and that’s what I’m going to use.

I decided some guidelines for the development:

  • Command line options and syntax should be the same as in current version.
  • No external libraries except Xtend (and Notes.jar, of course, can’t live without it).
  • Automatically find and use classes in Notes.jar. No installation of any kind before using CLENotes (currently users have to extract classes in Notes.jar to CLENotes directory).
  • Development itself should be fun and maintaining the code afterwards should be easy, and still fun (using Xtend helps with this, I think).

One consequence worth noting relates to the second bullet: no external libraries. That means I have to develop my own command line parser, logger, config file reader and other stuff that makes up the application. But that’s okay, since I’m also learning Xtend at the same time, I can live with that.

Current status of development is that I created a new Eclipse project for CLENotes v5 and started to develop command line parser with Xtend. I have no schedule and I develop CLENotes as much as time permits.

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