Truths, Half-Truths and Lies published!

New #scifi #novel available

The novel happens in the Strangers’ Universe just like my other stories. From the back cover:

In early 1947, a long-awaited message finally comes and the meeting between Commander Johnson and aliens, the Greys, is scheduled in Roswell, New Mexico. The meeting, and the deal made there, are the first steps on a journey that takes the Commander through the greatest conspiracy in history, over a thousand years to unified Earth, to distant worlds full of alien civilizations and through the first portents of a great war.
This story happens in the Strangers’ Universe: One universe parallel to our own. One timeline from the beginning to the end. Many stories under one epic overarching story set across universe and time. The stories from the Strangers’ Universe told so far are: Truths, Half-Truths and Lies; End of an Era; Dawn to Dawn and Just Another Scout.

The novel is available at Smashwords: After Smashwords has approved the novel, novel will be distributed to retailers: Apple, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Kobo.

I will publish it at Amazon Kindle as soon as possible.

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