Tycoon One is available in AU, CA and IE

Tycoon One, an iOS game, is now available in Australia, Canada and Ireland.

I decided to release Tycoon One first in the mentioned countries instead of releasing it worldwide because of the following reasons:

  • As I was finishing the game, I got an idea to improve the game, but that idea means that I need develop Tycoon One further and it requires more time.
  • Since it’s summer time, I don’t want to code inside when I can be outside.
  • By releasing Tycoon One first in few countries I may get some feedback about the game.
  • By having a break, I can lie back and think of Tycoon One. Perhaps I get more ideas.
  • I just wanted it released.

If you happen to be in AU, CA or IE, go ahead and download the game:


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