Visualization at work: Followers, Market Capital and Brand

How does Twitter followers relate to market capital?

Lets’ see. Y-axis is market capital and X-axis is number of followers.

Does the number Twitter followers relate to brand value? Does bigger bubble mean more valued brand?

More tweets seem to mean more followers. X-axis below is number of tweets and Y-axis is number of followers.

Data for above visualizations is taken from Twitter account statistics of some OMXH25 corporations during morning of Feb 27th, 2012. Market capital is from Feb 24th, 2012.
Click each of the visualizations to interact with them and to see more details.

By the way, Nokia is excluded just because they have nearly 180,000 followers and it wouldn’t have been nice looking in the visualizations. For example, in the bubble chart above, Nokia’s bubble would have been very very big and others very small. Like our Sun compared to Earth.

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